Call Waiting Issues

I have enabled Call Waiting properly in all of my Departments and if I receive multiple calls on my direct line then I can see the Call Waiting feature working - but if a call is transferred from another Department (due to not being answered or if simply the call is forwarded), then I cannot see see that Call.  It simply assumes I do not have Call Waiting enabled for some reason.


To clarify, if a call is automatically transferred to a Department that you are an Operator to and you are already on a Call and you have Call Waiting enabled - you will not see, hear, or have a chance to answer that call.


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    Hi Navik, 

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with our Call Waiting feature. I did a little digging into your account and it looks like there are two Departments that don't have the Call Waiting feature enabled.

    Once you've got that checked off, there's a few other things to note about the Call Waiting feature:

    • All other Operators on that line must already be on an active call in order for the Call Waiting message to appear.

    • If you place your first caller on hold before receiving the second incoming call, it won't offer the 'Answer-Merge' option - that only happens while you're currently on an active call.

    • Companies with multiple offices (like yours) need to make sure that Operators are all logged into the Office that has their respective Departments assigned to it.

    For example: let's say you have Office A with Depts X, Y, Z and Operator 1 and Operator 2 are assigned to those Departments. Let's also say that you created another office - Office B - with Depts X1, Y1, and Z1 with Operator 1 and Operator 3 assigned to those Departments.

    When Operator 1 is signed into Office A, they'll only be able to receive calls on Departments X, Y, and Z. They'll miss any calls to Deptx X1, Y1, and Z1 because those Departments are managed under Office B rather than Office A. 

    Let me know if you have more questions/the above steps don't solve your issue. 


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