Use Outgoing Departmental Messaging to Promote Your Company

I've had a wonderful experience setting up Dialpad and found a creative (as well as inexpensive) way to setup the call tree and departmental messaging.

Because Dialpad allows you to upload mp3 audio files as your outgoing messages, you can hire professional voice over artists to record your messages. In the past, I've struggled to setup call tree recordings and ended up asking someone in the office to record them. They were okay, but not great.

With the Dialpad setup, I wrote the main call tree and department scripts and then posted a job on Upworks for voice over artists to apply for the job. For around $25 each, the artists recorded my outgoing messages and provided me mp3 files for each one.

Instead of using just one of them for all the departments, I was able to pick and choose a different voice for each department. And because I run a global company, I uploaded European voices for my after hours messaging. What's more, since my company's service provides on-demand lead qualification and appointment setting services, the Sales Department voicemail message is now a live demo of our service. Thanks Dialpad!

You can hear the recordings on my blog post "What Sales Leaders can do about Lead Migraines"


  • Andrea GatleyAndrea Gatley Member Posts: 1
    We did this as well for our little call tree. I hired a local DJ to do our recordings and it sounds great.
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