How do you adjust the ring tone on the dial pad app?

Larry StevensLarry Stevens Member Posts: 4

I cannot find any way to adjust or select a different ring tone, or to adjust the volume of the ring tone. Where are you hiding this stuff :/



  • Matt ScottMatt Scott Member Posts: 46 ✭✭✭

    I don't think you can adjust the ringtone on the desktop application. I know you can change the ringtone on the mobile app in the settings.

  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin
    Thanks for answering @Matt Scott !

    @Larry Stevens Matt is exactly right - you can adjust the ringtone on your mobile app (Android only at this point).

    Attaching a screenshot so you can see where to make that adjustment in the Android app. I'm happy to submit a feature request for changing the ringtone and volume of ringtone for the desktop app.
  • Michael HooverMichael Hoover Member Posts: 1
    Please do submit that feature request. I'd like to be able to operate my desktop app consistently with the moblie one. Thanks!
  • Abraham .Abraham . Member Posts: 5
    I am having trouble with the android app, the ringtone volume is very low, I can barely hear it.
  • Payum_FormlabsPayum_Formlabs Member Posts: 2
    @DialpadHQ - Any update on this feature request? It's been a couple years, so I'm assuming a volume control has been added on the desktop/web app by now. Am I missing it in the settings somewhere?
  • H_BarefootH_Barefoot Member Posts: 1
    Would love to see this feature request. Requiring a sound for all phone calls makes lead distribution via phone a very taxing experience on a daily basis.
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