Not all services accept my dialpad number as a place to send a text

Matthew FultonMatthew Fulton VenturaMember Posts: 23 ✭✭✭
Hello, we have a lot of companies that we need to receive Multi-factor authentication codes for and for most, we are able to send the text message to our Dialpad number, but certain ones like Capital One will not push through? It says its not a valid number, any suggestions?

Along the same line, would it be possible to create a shared line that always receives those texts that could be viewed by multiple people? The goal being to create a MFA text hotline if possible?


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin
    Hey @Matthew Fulton !

    I ran this by one of our mobile engineers and he said that sometimes companies like Capital One will run a search on the number and when it comes back as VoIP, they don't allow it. Apparently, Lyft wasn't allowing VoIP #s to sign up for their service for a while there.

    Don't want to make you run on a while goose chase, but maybe reach out to those companies to see if they can whitelist your Dialpad number?

    For your other question - you can absolutely do this via a Department. You'll just need to create a new department + add a department phone number. Then, add all the team members that you want to receive those texts as Operators on that line.

    Now when a text comes into that number, every Operator that has been assigned to that Department will get the notification.

    Here's some more info on Department messages if you're interested. (FYI, you can do this on your Main Line too).
  • Matthew FultonMatthew Fulton VenturaMember Posts: 23 ✭✭✭
    While the answer provide was a valid answer, I still run into this issue a lot with numerous services. They always show up as not a valid phone number.
  • Matthew FultonMatthew Fulton VenturaMember Posts: 23 ✭✭✭
    Now applications that use to be able to send me messages are now being lost and not comming through.
  • Scott Lynch, LUTCF, CSDScott Lynch, LUTCF, CSD Member Posts: 1
    What about emails sent to us as text? With my att service it is my number [email protected] that is used and I receive an email to my SMS system. Does dialpad have an option like thisi?
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