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Ty CarterTy Carter Member Posts: 1

I am trying to use the dialpad for IOS on my Iphone 6s Plus, with IOS 10.1; logging with with Office365 creds; and everytime I try and launch the app on my iphone, I am prompted to enroll my device, despite it already being enrolled with my E3 plan and being managed via Intune.  Once I put in my 365 creds, the app come up and says my company needs t beef up my security and prompts me to either "Enroll" or "OK"; if I enroll, the Intune app comes up and shows my device enrolled and everything is OK; If I press "OK" then the cycle starts over again... Any advice or support you can give me here?  I would like to be able to use my iphone with dialpad; but there is a problem somewhere in the chain.


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin

    Hi Ty, 

    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with InTune and our iOS app. I'm wondering if it's maybe just a setting on InTune's end that needs tweaking. 

    Have you reached out to their support team as well? They may have a better solution if they've encountered this issue before. 

    I did a little digging on their end and I found this troubleshooting FAQ that may be of help to you:



  • Dennis FeikenDennis Feiken Member Posts: 1


    Have just activated my trial and have run into the same issue as Ty. My device is correctly registered in our MDM solution, but somehow it keeps saying "unregistered device" when logging in the IOS application



  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin


    Did that FAQ help solve your issue with InTune? Would love to hear if it did, and hopefully, could help solve @Dennis' issue as well. 


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    @TyC and @Dennis Feiken were you able to solve this issue? I just signed up for a trial with Dialpad and am having the exact same issue.

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