Vacation handling for individual users

Jeremy PowlusJeremy Powlus Member Posts: 1
How about a vacation mode? With a few options such as:

- send calls direct to vm with a "out of the office" outgoing message
- forward all calls to another number

- auto-respond to sms with an out of the office message
- forward all sms to another user

I know we can manually do the Out Of Office VM with the user set to Do Not Disturb, but it'd be really nice to be able to have it all turn on and off with one toggle (including switching the OGM). Having calls lumped into a vacation mode toggle would simply be a convenience, but the sms is a real problem as we use that quite a bit. Folks who aren't aware that an employee is on vacation have no way to know that their sms messages are just piling up unseen...or is there some setting I've missed?


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin
    Good suggestion! I'll submit the OOO SMS message as a feature request. Keep you posted!
  • dbourcityblockdbourcityblock Member Posts: 1
    Is this still in the queue? We're struggling to figure out how staff will forward their text messages over the holidays.
  • Brynn GaetaBrynn Gaeta Administrator, Moderator Posts: 33 admin
    @dbourcityblock This feature does not exist yet, I have resubmitted/upvoted it with our team on your behalf.
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