Difference between Department & Team numbers


So I'd like to know what the difference between Department numbers & Team numbers is? Also, if they are different, can a department number be moved over to be a team members direct dial number?

Thanks for you help :)


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    Hey @Tom_Pinkus!

    The only difference between a Department # and a Team Member # (let's call it a user line) is that a Department # is tied to a Department and therefore can ring out to assigned Operators on the line or a System Greeting that would include call routing options like 'to a voicemail' or 'dial by name directory'.

    A user line is just a direct line to one individual user.

    And yep! They're your numbers so we want you to use them however best supports your business! Since you're on our Standard plan, you'll just need to reach out to our support team to ask to move this number over to your user's line.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
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