Phone will not receive calls?

I installed a Obi1032 last night and it seemed to be working. But this morning it was not ringing. If i unplug the phone and reboot it i can receive one phone call, and then it stops working again. I Have deleted the phone and reactivated it as well as removed it from the department and re added I've gone in and made sure DND was off and checked the setting on and everything is as it should be.


  • Kenn PennKenn Penn Member Posts: 3
    I have a Polycom VVX310 and it is doing exactly as described. Works fine for one inbound ring, and then nothing. No issues making outbound calls; other devices that have the dialpad application installed, "sees" that the device is in use and will allow for a device switch. As noted, I can restart/reboot or simply pull the ethernet cable and it will work for the one ring.
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