Missed Call Badge not Updating with Mac Desktop App

When I get a missed call to my Main Line, which I don't otherwise hear because it's just a call menu, I don't get the missed call notification unless I open the desktop app window on my Mac.
The badge icon in the Mac dock isn't updating as it should until I open the window, which defeats the whole purpose of the badge icon (to conveniently inform you when you have a new notification).

It is important I be notified promptly of missed calls (I often text or call them right back); otherwise I lose business.

Anyone else have this issue on a Mac?


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin
    Hey @Tyler Szabo

    Sounds like this may just be a bug. Looks like you're one version behind the most up to date (17.46). Try updating your desktop app and then let us know if the badge count still isn't being updated + we'll forward this thread over to our support team to dig in.
  • Tyler SzaboTyler Szabo Member Posts: 10
    Still an issue. Support team has been aware of this for months but has stopped trying to do anything about it. I guess I have to write an online review to warn others considering Dialpad and to give Dialpad an incentive to fix it...
  • Tyler SzaboTyler Szabo Member Posts: 10
    An alternate solution to this issue would be to have a feature for enabling email notifications for missed calls...
  • Tyler SzaboTyler Szabo Member Posts: 10
    Review on G2 crowd left (https://www.g2crowd.com/products/dialpad/reviews/dialpad-review-614333). I will keep updated based on any progress.
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