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Can the Quality for the Greeting that is heard by the caller be increased? Even though the MP3 file is rendered as a high quality audio file, when the actual audio is played back through a phone call - the quality drops drastically.


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin
    Hi @Navik Prakash

    Is this a greeting you've uploaded yourself or are you using our default option?
  • Peter ButlerPeter Butler Member Posts: 4
    I have noticed this myself on our system and it was a high quality MP3 file we uploaded ourselves?
  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin's what we'd suggest when uploading your own greeting:

    Since PSTN phone lines support a lower frequency (300 to 3400 Hz) than say, CD quality audio (20-20,000 Hz), you may find that the audio quality of your uploaded hold music is less than great when dialing in from a PSTN line.

    If this has happened to you, here's what we'd suggest:

    Try reducing the volume of the MP3
    Select a recording that hasn't been overly compressed (since we don't do any post-processing of uploaded files)
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