Text alert on main line

When using the app on iOS when a text is received there is no alert tone. Please enable this option.


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Posts: 429Administrator, Vanilla Admins admin
    Hey there!

    Make sure that your Message notifications are turned on in your iOS app and that your sound is turned on for your phone. Just tested it here and seems to be working.
  • Tbla7034Tbla7034 Posts: 3Member
    Have done that plus reinstalled app. Still a no go.
  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Posts: 429Administrator, Vanilla Admins admin
    Ah I know what the trouble is. We don't send push notifications for texts received on the Main Line if you're using the desktop app or iOS app but we do if you're using an Android app.


    For the desktop app and iOS app, we will update the badge count on the app so there's some visual cue that you've received a message.
  • Tbla7034Tbla7034 Posts: 3Member
    Can you have it also alert please. That would be a great feature since android does.
  • Rob WrightRob Wright Posts: 1Member
    The lack of notifications when receiving a text to my main line is a major issue for me as well. Almost all of my clients text me to my main line and it is often hours before I notice the update on the badge count since there is no audible alert.
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