Dialpad App & Intune Enrollment

Sara BostwickSara Bostwick Member Posts: 1
We're using Intune with our O365 tenant for mobile device management. I'm wondering if anyone else is using this and cannot get the iOS app to see that the device is enrolled. What I've seen is the Android app works perfectly. With it users can signin with their O365 credentials and authenticate without issue. For our iOS users this is not the case. The app has two ways to attempt to login based on how you are using Authenticator, and even though we use it we cannot use the option that passes through that app. With the second option we login and then MFA prompts and a successful auth occurs, however that is where the trouble starts. What we see is a message to enroll the device, the status comes back as not enrolled. My guess is this is due to the way it's passing the credentials but that is simply a guess. Could be I'd have to relax my mdm controls to make this work, which would not be the desired option. Figured it was worth opening a discussion on to see if anyone else had struggled and corrected this.


  • SuriSuri Member Posts: 1
    Hi Sara, were you able to resolve this issue? Appreciate if you can share the fix.
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