DND and G Suite Calendar API Integration


We demoed Dialpad on our campus last Spring and loved what it provided for unified communications. We had one feature request and wanted to see if others would find it useful:

In a perfect world, we'd like for their to be a "Set DND" option from our G Suite Calendar option that would toggle the DND feature in Dialpad. For example, our faculty have class times throughout the day and have their schedule in G Suite. During that time they do not wish to receive calls via their smartphone or softphone app. It would be ideal to integrate a flag in Calendar to set DND in Dialpad where calls go straight to voicemail and then automatically reverts to normal after class time. Our faculty's schedule is not the same everyday and not the same hours for the various days (e.g. Faculty Member A has class on Mondays at 9AM, 1PM, 6PM, Tuesdays at 12:30PM, Wednesday 9AM , 1PM, Friday 10AM - 2PM). Having them remember to toggle DND for each class can get to be laborious.

Since Dialpad is closely aligned with the G Suite universe, we wanted to see if any thought has been given to providing a DND api option that can be activated via G Suite Calendar.

Let me know if any of this sounds confusing. If Dialpad could implement it, it would be a strategic advantage over other competitors as this feature makes a world of sense for folks who have meetings throughout the day.




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