Obi 1062

Is it possible to configure my phone to support dialpad as well ad Google Voice accounts at the same time.


  • Tom McNamaraTom McNamara Member Posts: 1
    I think so. But you may need to have the GV number already on the phone assigned to a line that is not the first one.

    I had two GV numbers on a 1062 and when I started with Dialpad Free, I followed their process to add that phone to my account/service. The GV configuration disappeared from the 1062 phone display completely and the Dialpad app took control of the phone. I had my new Dialpad line/extension in place of the GV number I had on the first line of the phone, but my other GV number is still on the second line of the phone.

    I have not yet tried to add my second GV line back to the phone, and think I will have to go to ObiTalk to do that, but I may run into a conflict since it appears that Dialpad completely reconfigured the phone
  • B WB W Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever try to use ObiTalk since adding dialpad? I want to add dialpad to my obi phone but do not want to lose control over it, and the ability to use GV and other sip services. Is there anyway to just get the dialpad sip credentials to add ourselves?
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