Expiring DND

I would really love to have a do not disturb that you could (optionally) have expire after a period of time.... similar to how vacation responses work in Gmail.

It's easy to forget to switch it back.


  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Posts: 454Administrator, Vanilla Admins admin
    Hi @Scott Clark !

    We have a DND timer available in the Android app as well as the desktop apps. You can find the timer after toggling your DND on from your Profile drop-down.
  • Richard ErikssonRichard Eriksson Posts: 1Member
    I have something similar to what @Scott Clark has in mind, but I would like the scheduled DND feature found in smartphones. I know the times of day I would always be available, and the times I would always be unavailable. Expiring DND would be interesting, too, for longer stretches of time that I'd be unavailable so I don't have to set a reminder to turn it off.
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