Company G suite contacts to Dialpad Main Line

Red AbaldeRed Abalde Member Posts: 11
Google contacts will become personal contacts in Dialpad. If I want to make this as a main line/department contact in Dialpad we need to import these as a csv file, correct? Moving forward, if a new business contact comes in and called the main line, operators can edit the contact details under the main line/department. However, this new contact is not saved in Google Contacts making the integration less ideal because I would want all our business contacts to also save in Google Contacts. After all, the email address used in setting up the account is a business email.

Is there a way to auto sync all users Google contacts as a main line or department contact? Also, Google Contacts has a business directory which admins added. Can this be sync as a main line contact, knowing that this is for the entire business to see?


  • Brynn GaetaBrynn Gaeta Administrator, Moderator Posts: 26 admin
    Hi @Red Abalde ,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, there is not a way to sync department contacts to Google contacts. The only option right now, if you would like to share contacts across your whole company is to have our Support Team upload a CSV file for you.

    We appreciate your feedback and it has been passed along to our Product Team.
  • Red AbaldeRed Abalde Member Posts: 11
    Helly Brynn,

    Thanks for the reply. Uploading CSV files is good but being the business is growing and getting more and more contacts. Uploading CSV files more than once is not ideal and tedious.

    Another option I can think of is if Dialpad syncs with more CRM. As per our experience, a lot of our clients are using different kinds of CRM and most of their contacts are there. The most notable are Hubspot and InfusionSoft.
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