More Robust Call Recording

We recently switched from Ringcentral to Dialpad, and there is a lot we really like about dialpad, but the call recordings leave a lot to be desired comparatively.

My boss is a little dismayed by the lack of the following abilities:
turn on automatic incoming and outgoing call recording on every line (even if each user had to turn it on individually.
Admins should be able to listen to and download everyone's recordings - this was really helpful in ring central, because if I transferred a call to my boss while he was out, he could just text me and say listen to that call and i could go in an listen to it and set up the meeting, or know how to answer the question in the future or whatever.

Also in ringcentral, you could easily download the whole company's call log - with or without recordings as mp3.



  • Also - when you download call recordings - in ring central they are automatically named "date-time-phone number" which is helpful for knowing what they are.

    And I need to be able to download all the call recordings for a given time period
  • lavender_Heatherlavender_Heather Member Posts: 6
    I will say we love the fact the recording continues when they transfer it to their cell!
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