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While I appreciate how powerful Dialpad seems to be with setting up lots of users with unique numbers and different departments, etc, my use case is going to be different and I am trying to figure a few things out during my trial.

We are a small business with probably 2 or 3 people that will be making calls. I only want one number (our main number) associated with the business. We'll have one VOIP desk phone that uses the main number to take incoming calls and make outgoing calls, then we'll have a couple people using the Dialpad app on their cell phones. On their cells, I want them to be able to answer calls coming in from the main line, and I want their outgoing calls to show on caller id that it is the mainline. I do not ever want any individual user telephone numbers to be used.

So this seems possible in my testing during my trial, but since I don't have a deskphone yet I cannot test whether it is possible for someone to be on the deskphone talking on the mainline number, then having someone on their cell make a different outgoing call on the same number. Does anyone know? Thanks


  • F45F45 Member Posts: 6
    I found out that you cannot have a desk phone that uses the main line number. Seems very odd to me that you cannot call out with your caller ID identifying your company, and instead has to be the number from Bob in accounting.

    So then anyone you call has that number on their caller ID and can call in directly and bypass the main line and the receptionist.

    You can do it with the apps, but not with desk phones. Still trying to wrap my head around why this is not possible and how I will make this work like I need it to.
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