Siri Voice Dialing

Anybody else wish that Dialpad would take full advantage of Callkit's ability to make voice calls with Siri over VOIP apps such as Dialpad? This will greatly simplify using Dialpad on iOS. I would love to be able to call someone by saying, "call John Smith using Dialpad".


  • Brynn GaetaBrynn Gaeta Administrator, Moderator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 36 admin
    Hi @bradich ! We appreciate your feedback here! I have passed it along to our Product team for future development considerations.
  • ChrisBuckelyChrisBuckely Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Yes this is a MUST have feature especially when driving.
  • bradichbradich Member Posts: 2
    Seems like Dialpad is more focused on Sell than us users on Talk. I get the same non-response every time I ask for this. I doubt we'll ever see it.
  • ChrisBuckelyChrisBuckely Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Any update on this?
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