Steps to Recover the Password of Pinterest Account Without Using Registered Phone Number

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We all have created a habit of keeping accounts logged in on devices and when it comes to switching the device, we often don’t remember the password to sign in again. The same case goes with Pinterest. When you couldn’t recall the password of your Pinterest account, it becomes difficult to log in on a new device, especially when you don’t have your phone with you. Whenever such a situation arises, it is advisable to take instant help for Pinterest password recovery from an expert as they give real-time guidance. Furthermore, you have an option to follow a few simple steps that we have noted down here for you.
How to recover the forgotten password of a Pinterest account with the help of phone number?
For Pinterest password recovery, in other words, resetting your Pinterest password, follow the mentioned steps here:
You have to visit the Pinterest password reset page and request for resetting the password.
First, find your account, using username, name or email address.
Once you find it, select ‘This is me’ icon, given next to your account.
An email will be sent to your recovery account with a password recovery link attached.
From the email, select reset password option and create a new password. Remember, you have to enter it twice. Also, you cannot use your previous passwords for security reasons.
Change the password and save the settings.
If you didn’t receive any email or face an issue with the given steps, you have to talk to an expert for Pinterest password recovery instructions over a call.
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