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Larry StevensLarry Stevens Member Posts: 4

I have looked all over the Windows app and cannot seem to find where to control the volume of my incoming calls. 

Where is the volume control for my incoming calls?

Every other app I have has it's own level controls, where is it on Dialpad?

Using the over all computer volume affect all apps, I typically need Dialpad calls to be louder.




  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin

    Hi Larry, 

    Just want to clarify: do you need the ringing of the incoming call to be louder, or are you saying that once your call connects the audio is too soft?



  • David JollyDavid Jolly Member Posts: 1

    I'm having what's probably the same issue with volume level.

    When using the softphone on Windows 10 computers, the audio in both directions seems quieter than it should be.  So both I and the person I'm calling have issues hearing the other.  The quality is great, but the volume is just too low.

    I've checked all of the audio settings on the computer and in the softphone application.  The volume level settings for Dialpad are in line with other applications, but it's still much quieter in Dialpad than in other applications, such as Skype.  Also, the microphone level is turned up to the maximum, with the boost even maxed out.

  • Larry StevensLarry Stevens Member Posts: 4

    I just don't understand why there is not a volume control on the dial pad app. I need to set it higher than my other apps, so I can hear the people that are calling me. Currently I have to mute my Pandora app or turn it down, and then turn up the speakers manually so I can actually hear the person on the other end of the call. This is quite unacceptable.

  • Larry StevensLarry Stevens Member Posts: 4
    So no one at Dialpad has responded to this yet? Common on, we need a way to adjust the volume of the Dialpad windows application. The volume is way to low and turning up the volume on my speakers works, but once the call is over and I go back to my music or skype or Youtube or anything else, then I am BLASTED with volume that is way to loud. Every other app I have that has audio has a volume control so why doesn't Dialpad?
    Can you give me some answers or perhaps some options?
    I'm running Win10.
  • William_CobbWilliam_Cobb Member Posts: 4
    I'm having the same issue - would be great to be able to set volume levels. I'm on a Macbook pro
  • DialpadHQDialpadHQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 468 admin
    Hi @William_Cobb @Larry Stevens Unfortauntely I don't have a solution for you at this time—I haven't personally experienced this issue however maybe swapping out for a different headset might help resolve the issue?

    I will certainly submit a feature request to see if anything can be done in the future, though!
  • Christopher ConnarChristopher Connar Member Posts: 4
    Have to agree with the other commenters, DialPad calls are very quiet compared to other app volumes.

    For example, I typically listen to music all day through my headphones (Bose with inline mic), and when calls come in, I have to crank up the system volume to match the baseline I had set with my music.

    In Windows 10, I have my system volume set to 2-4 for music, 12-20 for Dialpad.
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