Google Account Recovery | How to Recover Google Account Password

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Recover Google Account

In this process of Google Account Recovery, you have to answer a few security questions to recover your password. If the answers are correct then Google will send code for verification and permission to create a password to recover Google Account. But, if you don’t remember the right answer. No problem so is a way that is you can able to reset your password via alternative ways such as using your primary phone number and email address. While, in case you forgot your password or username, etc. Just follow these steps to recover your Google Account. Get more help

Recover Google Account when you forgot your password

· Head to Gmail sign-in page and click on ‘ Forgot Password’

Fill up the last password you remember, in case unable to recall, then click on ‘Try a different question’.
Now, enter the secondary email address when you set up your Gmail account to reset a password reset email.

Another way to recover Google Account

Log-in to your Google Account. In case, if you are unable to sign-in, hence, head to ‘Account Recovery Page’.

Now learn about the major causes for in failure in accessing your account is: changes in your account info such as Google Account’s password Change deleted an account by another person or another issue that is unknown to you and you can sign-in. At this point you know all these then you must go for 2- step verification.

2- Step Verification procedure for you, this method is more powerful to make your account more secure.

· Firstly, go to ‘Settings.’

· Then, select turn-on ‘2-step verification.’

· Next, enter your recovery phone number or email.

· In case, if you are using the phone number, then you receive SMS consists of the verification code.

· While if you’re using Email then you get verification code via email.

· Further, go to ‘Settings’ in your account.

· Finally, select Turn on ‘Two-Step verification’.

Need more help for recovering your account or another issue related to Google account, and then you can take help from Google Customer Support Service through phone support, Email support or chat support 24/7 by well- experienced professionals.
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