[email protected] Avast antivirus not getting uninstalled

Is your Avast Antivirus not getting uninstalled? No problem! The uninstallation of Avast Antivirus is a difficult task because it involves a lot of technicalities. We are going to tell you about the complete process today. At the same time, we would like to suggest installing another security solution if you are removing Avast. Without any antivirus, your Windows PC will be at risk. You first need to remove it from the Settings window and then the Avast Download Tool required to be used. Learn the process of uninstalling your antivirus today and do it accurately!

1. Launch the Start menu and choose Settings

2. Then you need to click on System

3. It will give you the chance to click on Apps & Features

4. You will find it on the left-hand side menu

5. Here you will see the Avast option

6. Select the Avast option and click uninstall

7. Windows User Account Control will insist you to confirm whether you agree to uninstall Avast or not. Then you will see the Avast Uninstall panel asking for the final permission. You just need to select Yes or No

8. The removal process will take some time according to your computer speed

9. Do not shut down or restart your computer during the process

10. Avast will bring the popup end screen message on your screen

11. Here you will be asked to restart the computer

12. Open this link to download the Avast Download Tool

13. Https://www.avast.com/uninstall-utility

14. Start Windows in safe mode

15. And launch the uninstallation utility

16. Browse for it if you have installed Avast in a different folder other than the Default

17. Click Remove and restart the computer

Is your Avast antivirus not getting uninstalled? Get in touch with the technical support team and ask for assistance. The technical crew associated with Avast is highly skilled and committed to delivering the required knowledge to the antivirus users. You can make a conversation with these engineers via phone support or chat support. The Avast tech support engineers are always ready to assist you, for any reason related to your antivirus. Get your security solution uninstalled!
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