Multiple schedules for Same Day on Call Centers

AHDAHD Member Posts: 1
There is no option to set multiple schedules for the same day on Call Centers?

We have a few companies that we support morning and evening, but not day time.


  • Michael MonteiroMichael Monteiro Member Posts: 10
    Hi @AHD they do not currently have that feature unfortunately. We accomplish this today using multiple call centers. We have the calls come into a Main Call center where the open hours are from the time we open for the first group and closing when we stop servicing the last group. If its during the open hours it automatically routes the calls to a new call center that only has open hours for the first company. The closed routing for the 2nd call center send calls to a third call center that has the hours for the afternoon company. I little bit of a pain to set up, but it works. (if the above made sense, hard to type it all up, but happy to discuss more).
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