If you wished your current "GrandStream" IP phone would work with Dialpad, then...

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It's no secret...dialpad does NOT formally support Grandstream IP phones as they seem to only support Polycom. The only time this ever sucks for someone, like myself recently, is I got a great deal on a GXP2140 from my previous VoIP provider and don't want to throw money away if I could help it. I was stumped for hours...and I am not a novice with networking, voip, etc...although, no genius either. I searched everywhere, far and wide, deep accross the valleys and plains of the "interwebs", but only questions were found...never an answer.

So...my Grandstream is all setup and working perfectly as it should with dialpad right now! I literally joined these forums JUST to share this document....I know someone will certainly appreciate it someday!

Check it out...it's not "perfect" by any means...but it will toss you in the right direction.

Oh...if you try to add a desk phone through the actual dialpad dashboard link called "desk phones"....you're going to run into issues I found out. Go into your user, or user you wish to assign the desk phone, scroll down to devices and add from there. Doing it this way allows a special little link to appear at the end of setup that says "SIP Setup For Older Phones", which is exactly what you need to get SIP login, auth, domain, and password from dialpad to get started. Not sure why, but trying to do the same thing directly from devices tab doesnt show the link.

Another few quick tips that may help.....when selecting a desk phone to add, just choose "See More Options" and choose "Other Polycom Device". Next, just name your device (doesnt matter), click next, disregard the firmware requirements popup that shows up and just click next, then you're almost where you need to be. The key here, is on this screen, at the very bottom, you'll see "Older Polycom phone? You may need SIP instructions.", which is a link.....you need to click that!! You dont need ANY of the information listed there UNTIL you click that link. Now, you've got your domain, credentials, etc. that is required to setup SIP. While the document I attached to this post kinda shows you how....it is much older and doesn't show it how it really is anymore...so that tip may help.

Okay, so you're now logged into your grandstream voip phone (you can find the ip address on network status display on the deskphone....thats the web provisioning access point, and also what makes this entire process tolerable! I'd run the phone over with my truck before i enter all that **** on the phone with the keypad! (Quick reference: default, factory set admin login is "admin" for both username and password). Follow instructions outlined in document for the most part for a bit....don't be discouraged if a setting isn't precisely where it says or shows....you might have to dig a bit through settings online, but mainly you'll stay under "ACCOUNTS > Account 1" or however it shows on yours. (SIP User ID & SIP Authentication ID are both the same...the user id dialpad provided you and the SIP Authentication Password is also provided by dialpad in previous steps.

Okay, thats enough to get you going hopefully....I can help if needed, just let me know. I only joined the forums 5 min ago for the sole purpose of sharing this....maybe someone needs it as much as I did!
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