Sierra Bug - Can't Dismiss Update Prompt

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If it doesn’t, you may need to reset your Mac’s app installation permissions. This requires running some command lines in the terminal app on your Mac.

Before following these steps, make sure you quit the Dialpad app first.

Open up the terminal app on your Mac - Applications > Utilities > Terminal and type in each line, making sure to hit ENTER after each line:

cd ~/Library/
cd "Caches"
sudo chown -R $USER com.electron.dialpad*
xattr -dr /Applications/
sudo chown -R $USER /Applications/
ls -l com.electron.*
ls -ld ~/Library/Caches/com.electron.dialpad*
ls -ld /Applications/

A few important notes:

- ALL lines are case sensitive. Keep the spacing within each line, but if you enter any extra spaces before or after, you'll get an error, 'No such file or directory'

- After the third line, you'll be prompted to enter your user machine's password - as you enter it, it won't be visible.

- The fourth line contains lowercase Ls.

Once you've run this, quit the Dialpad app and relaunch it. If the helper tool reappears, enter your machine’s user credentials (not your admin’s). The permissions should now stick.


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    If you're not an 'administrator' or 'privileged user' or don't exist in the sudoers file, you're not able to complete these steps.
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