Extremely slow customer service for my business

I was really overly excited to switch to Dialpad and the service is good, however issues ive had with porting, tech support are really just downright awful. It shouldn't take 24 hours to respond to an email for tech support, that is really just downright sad and pathetic. I get for us small business people like myself you don't want to offer phone support, fine but your turn around time for email tickets should be at most 2-4 hrs.

I have requested to cancel my port and still haven't gotten any response (24+ hrs), simple questions go unanswered, i feel ive made a very bad decision moving to Dialpad.


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    Hi Erik,

    Apologies for any delays you've experienced when interacting with our team. It does look like ,however, our rep reached out to you to let you know the port was cancelled.

    Please let us know if there's other questions you have or need further assistance in porting your numbers into Dialpad.
  • Matt ScottMatt Scott Member Posts: 46 ✭✭✭
    Get used to it, unfortunately. Even as a Dialpad affiliate, we can't serve our clients in a timely manner because they won't give us better support options. Dialpad will however shake you down and offer phone support if you buy a minimum of 6 seats on the Pro plan, regardless of whether or not your small business requires 6 seats.
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