iphone app does not ring and cannot answer or make calls

i can only send text messages on an iphone 7 with your app and i cannot make or recieve calls from the app. for making a call it says hd call connecting and never makes a dial tone or even make a call? it just say dialpad audio conecting and never connects?


  • Joe BrennanJoe Brennan Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem. iPhone 6. The app worked ok about 2 months ago, and now I can't make or receive calls on the iPhone. The iPhone/app seems to be connected to the Dialpad service: I can see that the call is taking place (= live call) on the iPhone and I can see various details about the call after the call ends (duration, tel. number, message, etc.). I can even listen to voice messages via the iPhone app. And the calls work fine on my laptop (MacBook). Help!
  • Joe BrennanJoe Brennan Member Posts: 2
    Update: On the 3rd phone reboot, it started working. close the app, reboot the phone, restart the app ...
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    James -- I forwarded your comment onto our Support team to take a closer look
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