Chat Export Option

It would be nice if the dialpad chat could be exported so that it could be used for HR purposes or for attaching to a ticket for Internal IT Support.


  • Dialpad HQDialpad HQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 467 admin
    Thanks for the feature request! We'll pass this along to our team. For now, you can always reach out to our support team via to request a message export.
  • J.D. HeidenJ.D. Heiden Member Posts: 1
    Has this capability been implemented yet? People have been posting about it and support has consistently saying they're going to pass along the feature request, but nothing yet it seems. Thanks for your attention to this.
  • DialpadDialpad Administrator, Moderator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 45 admin
    Hi @J.D. Heiden! Unfortunately, it has not been implemented yet and I would not be able to provide any timeline here. We do take all feature requests to heart and appreciate you reaching out. Have a great day!
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