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Has anyone figured out what / where this is? - Make smarter calls with VoiceAI
With VoiceAI by your side, your team can capture real-time, actionable insights with features like live transcriptions, audio snippets, and sentiment analysis.


  • John LittlefieldJohn Littlefield Member Posts: 4
    I've turned it on, but I have not seen anything in my apps related to this *new* feature. I just saw one piece of important info buried in the documentation. VoiceAI only works on Android. It's supposed to work on the desktop app but I can not see any indication it's working. I use an iPhone so I'm out of luck.
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    Hi All--

    Happy to help answer your questions surrounding VoiceAI.

    If your Company Admin has enabled this feature for your Office, you'll see a VoiceAI toggle switch appear in your Profile after logging into Dialpad.com. Just turn that toggle ON to activate the features for your direct line.

    For more information on how to use VoiceAI for your direct, user calls, check out this help article:


    If you happen to be a Call Center Supervisor and have VoiceAI turned on for your Call Centers (you'll find the toggle under Advanced Settings of your respective CC), check out this help article:


    For general inquiries about VoiceAI, check out these FAQs:

    Hope that helps but let us know if there are other questions not covered in those articles!
  • Hello, we just turned on VoiceAI. Can we apply it to past audio conference recordings?
  • DialpadDialpad Administrator, Moderator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 45 admin
    @OralhistoryFandom Hey there! Unfortunately, our Voice Intelligence, formerly known as VoiceAI does not apply to past audio conferences or calls in Dialpad or UberConference.
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