No Caller ID for my business = "Caller information not available" or "Out of area"

Jim WorthJim Worth Member Posts: 1
My outbound calls show up as "Caller information not available" or "Out of area". I have been told by support that Dialpad cannot do anything for me as they have updated their CNAME database. Why is this OK? Why would I want to use this service if they can't fix this?? I have been a customer with Dialpad SINCE 2015! This isn't about *IF* the National Name Databases get updated, it's just working from their end. I can't understand why it hasn't updated in over 4 years??? Please Dialpad, help me understand how this is still happening.


  • scottm222scottm222 Member Posts: 1
    I just recently started experiencing the same issue. Did Dialpad ever fix the problem? I cannot run my business with caller id showing unknown. It is hard enough to get people to answer the phone these days and most people do not answer blocked calls.
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