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Owners of Android devices can understand how important it is to have a Google account. The moment you log into your device; it asks for Gmail account details before providing access to services. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to sign into Gmail account when the user couldn’t recall or forgets his Gmail account’s password. In order to gain access to the Android device, it becomes important to bypass Google verification. The procedure is simple and could be performed by following a few easy steps that we have mentioned in the article below.
How to bypass verification of Google account on an Android device or mobile?
As mentioned, Android devices need an authentic Google account of the user. When one starts using their account, automatically Factory Reset Protection, in short FRP, is enabled. To disable it, one has to delete or remove the Said Gmail or Google account. To perform this task, follow the given steps or contact Google help:

To bypass the verification procedure of Google account, go to the settings of your Android device.
Scroll down to the Account section and open it.
Tap on Google option, followed by your Gmail account.
Here, you have to select the Said account.
Next, tap on three dots given at the top-right corner.
It will give you three options, out of which you require selecting the Remove Account option.
After performing the steps, you could easily unlock the Google account on the Android device. For the case, you face an issue while performing the steps or bypassing the verification, contact the <a href="">Google Support</a> team, without delay. They deliver support in the best way possible without taking much of your time.
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