What are the different steps to recover Google account

The Google account is the best way to access a large number of services provided by Google and users can access your Google account on multiple devices. Users can also send and receive their important emails using their Google account in a very safe and effective way. But the owner of the Google account also faces several problems when using his Google account and the recovering Google account password is one that occurs when you forget your password.

How Do I Reset My Google Account Password?

Have you forgotten your Google account password or has someone pirated you? It does not matter what happened because in both conditions you would have to reset your password to return to your Google account. Google provides a long list of ways to recover passwords to users, and one must know them. If you do not know how to recover Google account, you can follow the steps given

Apply these simple steps to recover Google account password:

Go to the Google password reset page at https://accounts.google.com/
Enter the Google email address with the password you want to recover and then click Next.
Enter the last password if you remember it or click on the Try another link.
Now click on the Send code option on the next page to get a verification code in your recovery phone number.
Enter the code you received from Google in your recovery phone number and then click the Send tab.
Now wait a few seconds until Google verifies your entered code and then you will be redirected to the Google password reset page, where you must enter the password.
After that, enter your new password and then enter it again to confirm.
Click on Change Password Tab to complete the password reset process.
Take advantage of Google help desk for multiple problems related to Google

Are you unable to recover your Google account password with these steps mentioned above? So, you really need the assistance provided by the Google help center team, where highly trained professionals will help you to recover and reset your Google account password in a very simple way. You can also get solutions for the many problems you face when using your Google account. You can make a phone call from your preferred location to get this assistance 24/7.

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