My Places Not Showing On Google Maps iPhone?

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What to do if saved places not showing while using Google Maps on the iPhone?

Sometimes you might face problems such as Google Maps not working on iPhone how to fix it, we will discuss it in this article. In order to fix the problem, you need to understand the reason due to which it is not working. You can fix the problem easily if you know the reason for the problem.

The problems could be it is not showing you the saved locations (places), it is not able to connect, audio problems, issue with GPS Etc.

A few days ago I was trying to use the maps then I noticed my places not showing on Google Maps iPhone never ever gave me this kind of problem then I realized my mobile data (internet) was off. I turned the mobile data on and it started working perfectly.

There could be any of the reason along with the solution mentioned below due to which Google map is not working in your apple device properly:

Incorrect settings: You need to open the settings of the Apple device by clicking on the gear icon in the Application menu and then click on applications. Then you need to locate the Google Maps, click on that and then enable the service.

Due to Glitch in the device: Sometimes due to a glitch the GPS of your Apple device will not work properly. You can simply restart your device or you can change it to flight mode also turn off the WIFI for a minute and then turn it on and try to use Google Maps

If Google app is not allowed to use the GPS location of the phone: In order to guide you correctly, Google Maps Application uses your GPS location. If the App is not allowed to use the GPS location of your device it will not show you any results and will not work properly. You need to change the settings and allow Google maps to use the GPS location of the device by following the given steps:

Go to Settings > Apps > Privacy > Location services > Toggle Location services > Google Maps > turn on the location.

Using corrupt applications: Sometimes you face trouble when you install the application incorrectly or due to any interruption during the installation of the Google Maps application on your device, the application might get corrupt. You can simply uninstall the Google Maps App and then reinstall it again and then try to use it. It should work properly now.

If in case you are not able to fix the problem using the solutions mentioned above, check if the Google Maps application you are using is latest or outdated. If it is an outdated version you just need to update Google Maps Application in your iPhone.

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