How to Recover Google Account on Android?

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Being an Android user, you can access the multiple features by accessing your Google account on it which is very necessary to use multiple services provided by Google to the Android users. But sometimes users confront problems when using their Google account on Android device and password recovery is one among those. After the password recovery, users confront problems in accessing their Google account and then look for the Google account recovery ways on their Android device. The process to recover Google account on Android is very simple and straightforward.

Google Account Recovery for Android:

· Open a browser in your Android device and then visit the

· Type Google address that password you want to recover and then click on Next.

· Enter the last password you used to sign in to your Google account or if you didn’t remember, then click on Try another way.

· Now click on Send code tab and then a verification code will be sent to your recovery phone number.

· Enter the received code and then click on the Submit tab.

· After that, type a new password for your Google account and then also re-enter it to confirm.

· Click on Change password tab to complete the account recovery process.

By performing the above-given steps, Google account recovery for Android can be performed very simply and easily and if you are still not able to recover your Google account on Android, then contact the customer support team to get effective assistance to fix the password recovery related queries.
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