How Does Google Account Recovery Work

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How Does Google Account Recovery Work?

Google account holder often face several issues when using their Google account and account hacking and forgot password is one among those which is highly faced by the users so many times. In such conditions, users always look for the ways for password recovery which is provided by Google to the users. But there are many users who wouldn’t have any idea that how does the password recovery process work for Google account.

If you are also one among those, then you would need to understand the account recovery process of Google account which is given below:

Method 1# Use Backup Codes

If you have set up Two-step verification on your Google account, then you get multiple options to create the backup codes. This backup codes can simply use if sometimes you forgot your Google account password. You can simply create these backup codes through the below steps:

1. Go to the Sign-in & Security section.
2. Click on Password & sign-in.
3. Now click on the 2-Step Verification option.
4. Choose a device on that you wish to receive your backup codes and after that, you can simply use these codes to recover your Google account.

Method 2# Use Phone Number or Recovery Email

Recover your Google account by using the phone number and alternate email is also a process that does work smoothly for account recovery. For this, follow the below steps:

1. First of all, visit the official password recovery page of Google via
2. Now types Google email address that password you wish to recover into the given field.
3. Click on Next.
4. Now choose any method via the phone number or email address to recover your Google account.
5. After that, you can very easily recover your Google account by entering the new password.

In these above-described ways, Google Account Recovery process work and you can simply follow these steps to recover your Google account. If you are not able to understand these methods or have any other query, then contact the customer support team for better assistance.

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