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Google drive is one of the most sought file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. But what if, your Google drive is not supporting synchronization feature. There can be numerous reasons behind it and randomly setting up a single reason for this issue is quite tedious.

Let’s visit each and every reason as well as their solutions to get back your Google drive as intended.

Solutions to Google Drive sync not working

1. Pause and resume Google drive:

· You can try to pause Google drive sync task temporarily especially when Google backup gets stuck.

· Then resume it later and it will rescan the source files and finally check out what it has missed.

2. Restart Google sync:

· Restart your Google sync, it will check for unsynced files and will sync missing files then.

3. Run Google app as an administrator:

· Tap on Google backup software on your system and run it as an administrator.

· Now check whether your issue is solved or not.

4. Reboot:

· Reboot your system and check whether issue is resolved or not.

5. Reinstall backup and sync:

· Uninstall and clear folder, then reinstall with startup options.

· It may be possible to re-download it’s installation from official webpage.

6. Change Firewall settings:

· It may be possible that your firewall/antivirus may be creating issues in Google drive sync.

· Check your firewall/antivirus settings and make sure that Google drive is allowed to sync.

· Or probably you are required to switch to any other antivirus option.

7. Mark the un-synced files:

· Choose all folders and set “More/Mark as viewed”. It will further start to sync them.

· If the above solution doesn’t work try to mark them as unread or add stars to them.

Hope you are now able to use your Google drive services as intended. For further information you can visit Google’s support page. You will get specific services and help regarding the product you want to know or facing any sort of problem you can visit our website
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