Can't make outbound calls

1. Once I reboot my MacBook Pro, I can make a phone call using Dialpad.
2. After a few minutes goes by, I can't dial out on Dialpad and make a call.
3. I receive an error message that says. NETWORK ISSUE - We seem to have a problem connecting your calls. Please check your network firewall settings. If you continue to have issues please reach out to us at
4. I've contacted Dialpad support over 12 times over the last 18 months and have received no solution, help, or assistance to fix the problem or change the settings. I have Comcast cable.
4. All Dialpad has done is shuffle paper, refer me to someone else who can't or won't help.
5. Dialpad is one of the worst companies with the worst customer service.
6. I can't use Dialpad now but I want to. I'm willing to pay someone to help me.
7. I'm sure it's a setting issue.
8. I've checked all the Network Recommendations. Bandwidth Calculations, whitelist, Desktop Native & Browser Applications, enabling DMZ setting, Proper Ports for browser and Native applications, etc, etc, etc.
9. In 18 months no one from Dialpad has helped me solve this problem.
10. It appears no one cares. Very sad.


  • Chris ChristoffersonChris Christofferson Member Posts: 2
    Just for the record, no one from Dialpad has reached out to me from this post to provide any assistance to solve my problem. The problem has been going on for a long time and Dialpad never provided any support to fix the problem.
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