How to change Google account password without verification code?

Google recent surveys speak that people need to change their password due to some reason. But a condition is being applied under this that the password changing process must be done without verification code. How does this sound?

Well, except changing it from different search engines searching for different solution, make a quick connection with the modified steps framed so far to change the Google password,

1. Logging into Google by pressing the cog on the left-hand side of the window (Just Below the black bar)

2. Choose the Settings from the drop-down menu available.

3. Hit on Accounts which will be shown on the horizontal menu bar in the window that screens on the screen.

4. Tap on Google Account Settings arranged by Security from the menu bar which pop-ups.

5. Choose the option to Change password by entering your current along with your new password.

6. Lastly hit to change password.

Basically, Google helps in changing password in a short span of time. Whenever looking forward to get instant solution, Google help keeps supporting at every step. Google help will fulfill each demand of the users who face difficulty in running the account. Make changes carefully with strong and easy to remember password.

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