Please Read: Note about provisioning your Obihai

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Some users may be experiencing an issue when trying to provision their Dialpad purchased Obihai phone. 

What's going on?

When you reach the prompt below, entering the 4 digit PIN should play a confirmation IVR that your Obihai is registered and ready to be used as a Dialpad phone.


Problem is, the confirmation IVR isn't playing, leading some users to believe that their phone isn't really registering.

What happens next?

We're working with Obihai to fix this issue as soon as possible - but the good news is that even though the confirmation message doesn't play, your Obihai device is registered

Here's how you can tell:

- Navigate to>Your Settings>Your Devices>Desk Phones

- Your Obihai will appear under Obihai Devices


As soon as the fix is live, we'll let you know via this thread. 


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