How to display caller's number and not main office number?

MarkoVMarkoV Member Posts: 3
Every time I get a Dialpad call, it shows the main office number for the ID of the incoming call. I'm supposed to answer the phone will a specific (somewhat flowery and lengthy) greeting if it's an outside vendor. But because I don't know who is calling—every call shows my main office number—I end up saying this greeting to my co-workers as well, and it seems silly. I'd like to know if it's an outside call vs. someone else from the office. "Calls to your personal Dialpad number" and "Calls to your departments/office main line" are both set to "Display the caller's number," but I still get the main office number showing up. I even tested by calling myself from my home landline phone number... and not sure if that's problematic. But shouldn't there be a way to set it to show an outside number?
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