Merging Contacts

Ben LovettBen Lovett Member Posts: 6 ✭✭✭

I don't think there is an options for this but I would love to be able to merge contacts in Diaplad. I had a user create a new contact when she couldn't edit an existing department contact. I want to merge the contact so I can keep the call/text history of both.


  • Dialpad HQDialpad HQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 467 admin
    Hey @Ben_Lovett

    I'm going to move this into our Feature Request thread. I'll keep you posted if this becomes available in the future!
  • Matthew FultonMatthew Fulton VenturaMember Posts: 23 ✭✭✭
    Honestly, this really needs to be more than just a future request, I am having a nightmare of a time trying to cleanup all of the numbers that Dialpad has added into my Microsoft directory. I just paid someone to go through and research who they were hoping that I can finally have a unified contact list somewhere.
  • Tobias MüllauerTobias Müllauer Member Posts: 1
    Frome my point of view is that handling contact is a nightmare in Dialpad. I try to add mobile phone or other phone number to existing users in dialpad but that not working. I try to focus to add all account in office365 to have a root source so i have some control over existing contact but this don't work so much it don't updating or merge the contacts information. This feature is a must because if this not working it get much confusion and dialpad not working good for a phone system solution.
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