How to Recover Google Account

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How Do I Recover My Google Account?
Finding any difficulties while signing in to your Google account? Then it means someone has hacked your account or you have forgotten your password. In order to get back to your Google account, you will be required to recover your password which is quite easy through the multiple ways provided by Google for account recovery. But if you don’t know about the account recovery process of Google, then follow the mentioned instructions to recover your Google account.
Steps for Google Account Recovery:
1. Go to the account recovery page of Google and then type the email address that password you wish to recover.
2. Click on Next.
3. Now a prompt will ask to enter your last password and then enter if you remember or click on Try another way.
4. Now on the next page, click on Send code tab to get the verification on your recovery phone number.
5. After that, enter the received code and then Click on the Submit tab.
6. Type the new password for your Google account and re-enter it to confirm.

These above-given steps can help in Google account recovery and you can simply apply them to recover your Google account. In case you are not able to recover your account, then contact the supportive team of Google for better support.
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