calls not getting through

I am using the dialpad phone app, I am receiving a notification that someone is about to call,however, call is not getting through. is there anything in my settings that I need to adjust? it's not everyday that is happening but there will be days that it does and it spikes up our missed calls %. Thank you.


  • Virginia IvyVirginia Ivy Member Posts: 8
    we've been experiencing the same thing. on and off since about the same time. I see I put a ticket in on sept 12. has issue come back for you? Ours did yesterday. It affects some users. Others not.
  • MarkoVMarkoV Member Posts: 3
    I have this same problem. I'm alerted that a call is coming in, yet I can't answer it. I use Dialpad only a few times a month, but nearly every other incoming call is a call that I cannot answer. Android, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge user.
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