Cancel Call Forwarding

beemoebeemoe Member Posts: 2
I would like to cancel call forwarding, but cannot locate the setting to do so.

I found an old thread about where to locate the settings ("Cancel Forward", Oct 2017), which gives this as the path to the setting menu for call forward settings: navigate to>Main Line>Business Hours & Call Handling>Set Rules for Open and Closed Hours and check System Greeting

I cannot locate this menu. I have no "main line" category in my app. Where in the app is this setting?

I have looked in both Chrome app (on Pixel Slate) and iOS apps.


  • beemoebeemoe Member Posts: 2
    Is it this?...
    Under 'Your Devices' a 'forwarding number' is listed and next to it is a check box 'ring this device'. Will unchecking (or deleting) this box stop call forwarding? Would imagine that deleting the 'forwarding number' would stop the forward, but it's not very intuitive.
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