Derek SmithDerek Smith Member Posts: 1 ✭✭✭

I'd like to request Zapier be looked into for integration. 

I love Dialpad its integration into Google and feeding off your account data but beyond creating new contacts based off of calls and showing contact info using that data it falls a little short when you need to use systems outside of Dialpad itself and its Salesforce integration.

I'm currently using Streak CRM which resides entirely within Gmail. I can have complete call history within Dialpad but that information doesn't update to the Google Contact it's associated with unless it's manually updated to that accounts notes within Google Contacts. 

With Zapier, a lot of different functions with hundreds of apps become available including even tighter Google integration where I could create a "Zap" based off of incoming calls to update the Google Contact with Date, Time, phone number, and length of call which would allow my CRM to update it's contact history and give me some pretty amazing abilities to parse that data to achieve a level of automation that requires a multitude of workarounds currently that just simply don't work most of the time.

Beyond updating Google information, this opens up integration with a number of popular CRM, marketing, and management software for people like me where both budget and functionality matter for a small startup which led me to Dialpad in the first place. 



  • Mike LeoneMike Leone Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    Zapier would be crazy good 

  • Corey HarringtonCorey Harrington Member Posts: 1

    Please do this ASAP. Being able to text my clients has been a game changer, and I'd like to be able to store that info in my CRM.

  • Robert GulbahceRobert Gulbahce Member Posts: 2

    Yes please for this!

  • Phil McKeownPhil McKeown Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

    +1 x 100

  • Jason ShangoldJason Shangold Member Posts: 1

    totally agree

  • Alex BassAlex Bass Buffalo, NYMember Posts: 17 ✭✭✭

    Is there any update about API's/future plans for Dialpad? Zapier is such a no brainer and it's the first step into having your software integrate which is the #1 thing that RingCentral is a market leader in.

    I'd have hoped to see at the very least Zapier integration by now, really wish there were future plans with integrating with ProsperWorks CRM as they are the #1 Google Premier CRM just as Dialpad is focusing on being the premier VoIP.

    Can anyone internally speak on any of this? Zapier integration is not asking for much. We really need to have some idea of the extensibility of Dialpad and rough future plans in order to be comfortable recommending Dialpad to clients over RingCentral.

  • I would also like to ask for Zapier. We use Nimble CRM and will be switching from eVoice to RingCentral. With Zapier we would really be able to seamlessly work with all of our platforms. For you, no more nagging questions about specific integrations because Zapier handles so many.

  • Cissell ManagementCissell Management Member Posts: 5

    Zapier would change the game for dial pad.

  • Alex BassAlex Bass Buffalo, NYMember Posts: 17 ✭✭✭

    Couldn't agree more. If we could at the very least get Zapier functionality then we can set up some basic integration and functionality with ProsperWorks. While we are still hoping you partner up and do deeper integration, Zapier would allow us to hold off a bit.

    Does your team have any plans at all to allow for API docs? The biggest turn off right now from us using your system with all clients is the missing integrations and closed API. One of the two would make this system so much better.

  • Andrew CollingsAndrew Collings Member Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Need zapier!

  • Joseph BettencourtJoseph Bettencourt Member Posts: 1
    This would be huge! Would love to hear if this is on the drawing board.
  • Dialpad HQDialpad HQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 467 admin
    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the feedback—we're working on a Tenfold + Cloud Elements right now to allow for more integrations with Dialpad. As soon as we have some news to share, we'll let you know!
  • Brett HenryBrett Henry Member Posts: 1 ✭✭
    Has there been any more progress on this since May? We're in the midst of a business systems review/transition and the ability to integrate with the CRM (specifically Zoho) is going to be a deal breaker with Dialpad. Any word on further integrations?
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
    I'd really like a Zapier integration. Being able to log calls in spreadsheets or a CRM or whatever would be phenomenal. I love Dialpad, but it constantly irks me that I have no record of my calls in any other system. I hate Salesforce and there's no way we're ever implementing it here.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
    I'd like to point out, literally no one here is asking for an integration with Tenfold or Cloud Elements. I don't want to have yet ANOTHER integration platform. Zapier is the market leader. Have you seen the pricing for Cloud Elements? It's nuts comparatively. check that out. Absolutely ruthless for a small business.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a Zapier integration.
  • Ryan VickermanRyan Vickerman Member Posts: 4
    As mentioned by several others, Zapier integration would be a HUGE value add. PLEASE ADD IT! Any word on the progress?
  • Curtis FrazierCurtis Frazier Member Posts: 1
    Yes yes yes! Zapier!!
  • Ryan VickermanRyan Vickerman Member Posts: 4
    Or, up the API!
  • Steve GodlewskiSteve Godlewski Member Posts: 1
    Wow still no zaps? This is silly. We all want it and with as many people using Zapier its almost free advertising if you were listed in popular zaps that work with Google sheets or toggl or any of the CRMs. I purchase for business solution by what integrates with what I already have. If it does not integrate directly then it has to with Zapier. This happened over the past 6-12 months and has been a great decision every time. Not listening to you users that represent your potential market base is not a good idea. Especially when its pretty easy to just port a number.
  • Ryan VickermanRyan Vickerman Member Posts: 4
    I totally agree Steve! Dialpad is arguably the best SMB virtual phone....except for integration. I've been with Dialpad now for a couple years and this has forced me to start seeking alternatives.
  • Jesus FeriaJesus Feria Member Posts: 1
    I'm on the same boat, waiting for features that were promised during onboarding but never delivered. The lack of integrations and limited API support is also forcing me to look into alternatives.
  • Josh FromanJosh Froman Member Posts: 1
    Bring on the Zapier integrations!!!! My workflows are leaving dialpad in the lurch.
  • Tracey LorensonTracey Lorenson Member Posts: 5
    I'm new here - is this forum not visited by the Dialpad team? TBH it didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to sync my communications in 2018. Is there any update on Zapier or Piesync even?
  • Ken BlevinsKen Blevins Member Posts: 1
    Please Dialpad team... Zapier integration is sorely needed. These requests go back to 2016. Is there a Zapier integration planned?
  • Alex BassAlex Bass Buffalo, NYMember Posts: 17 ✭✭✭
    Our company has quadrupled down on Zapier for everything and clients. The amount of things we could do if proper Zapier integration worked would be such a no-brainer for Dialpad AND we would then push Dialpad on our clients over RingCentral.

    This is such a missed opportunity as Zapier continues to grow. They are literally the largest integration company currently available that is accessible to 100% of your userbase, why would you ignore them?

    So frustrating.
  • Ryan VickermanRyan Vickerman Member Posts: 4
    I've been with Dialpad for about two years...waiting patiently for this feature. Let's keep the momentum up and keep posting...maybe they'll hear us :-)
  • Virginia IvyVirginia Ivy Member Posts: 8
    here hear. could import our dynamic client contact info
  • Kevin MeinhardtKevin Meinhardt Member Posts: 1
    Please do this! Just saying, some of your competitors are starting to do this. I don't want to name names, but just know, this will one day be a deal breaker.
  • Kevin SkeenKevin Skeen Member Posts: 1
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