Hey, guys. I run a business that we moved onto Dialpad about a year ago and it's been terrific for our team. Here's the ONE ENORMOUS thing you can do to help us and likely everyone else out there:
improve the UX in the app and on desktop to make call blocking VERY FAST and VERY EASY. These days, I receive 50-75 calls per month minimum from telemarketers. I love that I can block these numbers and send to voicemail in the future but I have to make 4 or 5 taps or clicks minimum to get into the phone number, edit the contact then block. Add BLOCK to the drop down on every call, on every contact, etc. and save us all hours per month with the barrage of b.s. that comes into our lives!
Thanks on behalf of me and my colleagues


    Everyone's cell phone now has either third-party or carrier apps that AUTOMATICALLY block spam calls. Your app still requires multiple clicks to block a caller.

    Especially with the proliferation of local spoofing, we NEED BETTER BLOCKING NOW.

  • Abby Reisner TtAbby Reisner Tt Member Posts: 1
    Agreed!! It's such a giant thorn in the rose of a great product, would really appreciate the saved time here. We need this!
  • 100% agree. Dialpad is otherwise great, but we continue to get so many spam calls. Please provide better blocking. Thanks!
  • Dialpad HQDialpad HQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 467 admin
    Hear you loud and clear. Submitting this to our Product Team as a Feature Request.
  • Matt ScottMatt Scott Member Posts: 46 ✭✭✭
    Add me to the list...Over the past week or so my dialpad number has been inundated with spam calls. I received at least five spam calls today. So annoying. We just sold Dialpad to a law office and I am praying they don't experience the spam that I am.
  • John CressJohn Cress Member Posts: 1
    Please add Name Blocking . . .not just number blocking. I have had dozens of calls from spammer "Support Int" and others like them with a seemingly endless supply of disposable numbers in their arsenal. Name Blocking would allow them to be silenced in one shot and system wide. This can be done in the office with analog modem filters like PhoneTray or Nomorobo on a cell phone. However, this should be be standard equipment on the trend setting Dialpad service. Just my two cents.
  • Geoff BartakovicsGeoff Bartakovics Member Posts: 2
    Team, any update on this? The situation gets worse and I feel like the Block feature has somehow gotten further away from the main actions rather than closer. This is a true impediment to continuing to use the product at this point.
  • Jason SpencerJason Spencer Member Posts: 15 ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't mind some kind of behind-the-scenes blocking efforts, too. For example, if a large number of Dialpad users are blocking the same number, then it's obviously spam and should block (or at least go straight to VM) for everyone else. You can make it optional, but I seriously field 70% of my calls as spam these days.

    It got even worse when I added a dept number that was for an old band booking agency that went under. That number gets so much garbage per day that I had to drop it after just 3 weeks.

    But the BLOCK and MARK AS SPAM functionality of Dialpad is still pretty sad. :(
  • Michael MonteiroMichael Monteiro Member Posts: 1
    We just recently moved over to Dialpad and started having our first experience with spammers calling. Our main office line gets a call every minute for 3 hours over the last 3 days. Each call comes from a different phone number, so the blocking one by one isn't very efficient. Any ideas of how to stop this? I know there are cell phone apps, but if we are using the app on our computers I don't think those work.
  • Dialpad HQDialpad HQ Administrator, Vanilla Admins Posts: 467 admin
    Hi @Michael Monteiro

    Have you reached out to our support team? They may be able to offer up better help than blocking calls individually.

    You can reach our team by selecting "Contact Us" on our Help Center or by visiting this link:
  • David WestDavid West Member Posts: 2
    I like the idea I've seen here of crowdsourcing based on other Dialpad users having blocked a number. Maybe a user-settable threshold: if <x> number of other users have blocked this number, block it for me too. Only problem with that is diminishing returns: as more people use that feature, the number of people adding to the blocklist goes down. Maybe just do what other VoIP vendors do and add support for NoMoRobo? But regardless, SOMETHING needs done. I've already implemented something to minimize these, but it's imperfect. And the lack of this being addressed reduces my likelihood of staying on this platform over the long haul. Just sayin'.
  • eddiejenseneddiejensen Member Posts: 1
    I’m going to add my vote for this as well. The number of spam calls and texts I’ve gotten lately has been enormous. If there was either a Dialpad service or integration with another service to help with this, then I’d love Dialpad even more.
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